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Dead Bug Twists

Dead Bug Twists

Target Muscles:  Deep lower back core muscle, rotational stabilizers and oblique abdominal muscles

Action Desired:  The exercise is designed to stabilize the lower back during rotational active. This is helpful for sitting at your desk and rotating, golfing, and throwing activities.

Start Position:  Lay on your back in the dead bug position with hands up toward the ceiling and the hips and knees bent at 90 degrees. Hold something weighing between 5-12 pounds with both hands.

Exercise Movements:  Reach to one side with your hands with the weight and twist your knees to the opposite direction, counter balancing. Do not let the hips come up off the ground, keeping the core relatively still. Once you get there, come back to the start position. Delay at the start position before going in the opposite directions.

Repetitions:  We recommend 2-3 sets of 10


Times per day:  1-2 times per day


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