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Wall Reach Outs

Target Muscles:  Mid to lower trapezius muscles, located in the middle of the back.

Action Desired:  The exercise is designed to improve proper shoulder motion, activating the muscles around the shoulder blade.  This will allow the upper trapezius to relax and reduce bunching of the upper back/neck/shoulder.

Start Position:  Stand with your side to a wall.  Put your elbow to the wall at about shoulder level and stride forward with the foot that is closest to the wall.

Exercise Movements:  Reach with the free hand to the inside of the hip closest to the wall.  Rotate your body and let the shoulder blade move laterally.  The next movement is to rotate away from the wall, keeping the contact with the elbow and feet still, reaching with your arm straight up.  It is important to keep the elbow close to your ear and pull the arm with the muscles at the bottom of your shoulder blade.

Repetitions:  5-10 each side

Times per day:  1-3

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