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Pelvic Tilts

Target Muscles:  Lower back and pelvis stabilizers

Action Desired:  By activating the target muscles you will be able to position the lower back and pelvis where you desire.  This should be in the mid range of the areas so that you are in what is called neutral spine.  This reduces stress on the spine or is spine sparing.

Start Position:  Laying on your back with your hips and knees bent in a comfortable position.

Exercise Movements:  From the start position, your first move is to rock your pelvis forward, arching your back, using just the muscles around the lower back and pelvis.  Then flatten your lower back, rocking your pelvis back.  It is very important to stay within a non-painful range.  If you have pain, don't stop the exercise, just do it in a shorter range that does not cause pain.

Repetitions:  10

Times per day:  several times a day, doing it from the seated and standing positions as well

Neutral_Pelvis.JPG Anterior_Pelvic_Tilt.JPG Posterior_Pelvic_Tilt.JPG

The first picture demonstrates neutral spine standing, the second shows arching of the back or anterior pelvic tilt and the third is flattening of the back or posterior pelvic tilt while standing.


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